Join Nevada Child Seekers in their M Global Fundraiser! 

Learn about the M stiks and the amazing taste and health benefits!

We sell them by the box and can mix and match as well. 

Fundraiser that will be year round to help us help those in need.  

We are fundraising for the entire year, In an era of declining federal and state support, the generosity of friend and other supporters is especially critical to our sustainability.

Place an order below of the M Global Hydration stiks or the Reveal Beauty skincare below and know you are helping save a child. 100% of the profits go o the Nevada Child Seekers.

 We are taking pre orders and then once we hit 132 boxes we will be shipping out products to those that ordered. The the next 132 boxes will be pre ordered and so on. 

The products we are using in our fundraiser are from M Global. We have a variety of items to chose from. 

You can choose from the following 5 Hydration stiks you add to your water for amazing benefits.  

1) Go - Energy 2) Soul -Mood Enhancer 3) Smart - Brain Boosting Nootropic 4) Trim- Weight Management 5) Core Ao - Antioxidant  

We also have the Reveal 8N1 Skin Care.  

Please view our product page for all product information. And fill out the form within that page so we can have your information to ship the products you are choosing. Please let us know what item and how many you are ordering..  

We are accepting payments through Pay Pal at this time. If you are in Vegas and want to pay with cash please contact me ( DeLynn ) at Email or call 206-940-6347  

Together we can make a difference.

Nevada Child Seekers!

M Stiks: Hydration with Purpose 


HYDRATION WITH PURPOSE Targeted nutrition that helps you drink more water Chose which M Stik is right for you and your family! 

Better than cookie dough, candy bars or coupon books, best-in-class wellness products serve your family, your friends, your neighborhood and your world.  

Welcome to hydration with a purpose, with M! 

PLEASE NOTE: Reveal Skincare is $49.95 

100 % of the profits go to Nevada Child Seekers

The M stiks are a nutritious and great tasting way to get your daily Nutrition. Feel the energy and experience the health benefits of every stik

Contact us to learn more and to place your order of the M Global Products 

What Others Are Saying

I have fibromyalgia and arthritis I mix one package of core and use about 2 oz every 5-6 hours it kicked in with in 10-12 hours I couldn't believe it! my knees had been hurting for almost two weeks and now gone!! I sure love that mangosteen...

I'm about as ADHD as you can get. Never knew how other people saw the world. THEN I was introduced to the SOUL product! It was like someone lifted a veil from my eyes! I always have 3-4 things going on my desk at one time and one distracts me from the others not to mention all the butterflies and puppies that catch my eye. First time I took a SOUL stik, I actually finished one of the projects on my desk in 2 hours. That caught my attention so I tried the same thing the next day and I got more accomplished in 3 hours than what I usually get done in 3 DAYS! When I want Focus, I put my SOUL in it!!

I LOVE my GO! I used to be such a coffee and soda junkie, but I stopped cold-turkey after just one serving of GO!

Fundraising Products