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Join Dennis Ligon as he shares all M Global has to offer.

Being a BeneYOU Associate has it's privledges!!

Our members massively impact their personal lives, their family’s lives, their communities and the world.

  Yes, Bcan choose how they want to earn an income through their membership.

BeneYOU Welcomes those Entrepreneurs that like multiple streams of income. We welcome you to become a BeneYOU Associate

All M Global and Avisae products are retail ready.

The boxes of product to each individual stik has it's own bar code.  

All Associates can choose 1 or all of the following ways to start earning weekly paychecks. 

*And for the serious retailer we have bulk pricing as well as white label's.

Online / Offline Retail sales 

You can chose to market your 5 marketing sites. Each loaded with information about the individual product, with a call to action that leads straight to check out. Drive the traffic to your retail site and get paid weekly. 

EXAMPLE of 4 marketing sites. 

1) Core AO http://CoreAO.lyfwithlisa.com

2) GO Energy http://Go.lyfwithlisa.com  

3) Weightloss http://Mweightloss.lyfwithlisa.com 

4) M3Z Sleep Spray http://sleepspray.lyfwithlisa.com 


You can do fundraising for your Church, kids school or even help out large organizations. M Global has a fundraising marketing page you can use to share that explains all the details of how to raise funds with little or no hassle. M Hydration stiks are healthy, nutritious and taste great. Are easy to promote and easy to share with donors. They appeal to your support base, as well as those out in the community who might not have ever heard of your cause.  


Yes! You can retail to Dr Offices, hair salons, tanning salons,mom and pop stores and all gyms and health clubs will love the stiks . Retailers can buy in bulk and each product is retail ready with a bar code on every product. From energy stiks to weight loss everyone has a favorite.  

Building Affiliate Teams

You want to build a team of affiliates that share your passion for this company and the products and love the membership privileges. Great use the M Global Opportunity marketing tools and marketing site to get started.  

Trade Shows

The M stiks are the easiest product to market at trade shows and people love the bulk ordering available. Easy to share and all love the taste. The M stiks stand out in a crowd and are easy to sample.

We are shipping product and paying commissions in 17 Countries! 

We welcome those Entrepreneurs that like multiple streams of income to join us at BeneYOU! 

Visit http://www.lyfwithlisa.com  

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